AllerAir Aller Air A5AW21223110-ss 5000W Exec (AirMedic Pro 5 W Exec ) Sandstone Air Purifier



Removes chemicals, particles, and odors at their source Comes with a convenient flex hose ideal for hard-to-reach places 18 lb activated carbon filter with 2250 acre surface area Medical-grade HEPA filter rmoves 99.97% of airborne particles Choose between 3 fan speeds up to 400 CFMAller Air A5AW21223110-ss 5000W Exec (AirMedic Pro 5 W Exec) Sandstone Air PurifierNote: This air purifier model comes in black, sandstone, and white color options. This is the sandstone color model (picture not available). Capture hard to reach air pollutants right at the source with the Aller Air A5AW21223110-ss AirMedic Pro 5 W Exec Sandstone Air Purifier. Formerly known as the 5000W Exec, this air quality control appliance provides three tiers of filtration:Pre-filter Activated Carbon Filter HEPA FilterThe pre-filter on the AirMedic Pro 5 W Exec removes larger to medium-sized particles first, such as pet dander, thus prolonging the life of the HEPA filter. This pre-filter has easy access maintenance, with no tools required for removal and cleaning.Activated Carbon FilterWithin the AirMedic Pro 5 W Exec is an activated carbon filter with an 18 lb carbon weight and 2.5' depth. The surface area of the carbon media in this filter is 2250 acres. With its customized 'Exec' blend of granular activated carbon and charcoal, this filter works to permanently trap dangerous airborne chemicals, gases, and odors, and will last for approximately three years (depending on the environment in which the unit is operated).Medical-Grade HEPA FilterFeaturing a medical-grade HEPA filter with 4770 square inches of HEPA media, the A5AW21223110-ss provides medical-grade purification. It's effective at removing 99.97% of airborne particles (0.3 microns in size), including dust, hair and pollen, and should last between three to five years.Special Source Capture AttachmentThe Aller Air A5AW21223110-ss 5000W Exec (AirMedic Pro 5 W Exec) includes a special attachment for capturing particles at the source. The 6' x 8' aluminum flex hose can be adapted to a variety of positions, which makes it perfect for directing towards hard-to-reach areas where pollutants are emitted, to stop them before they can reach your lungs. And with its easy-roll wheels on the bottom,
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