Prepare Your Home for the Chill of Fall and Winter

Crisp mornings and the sun setting much earlier can only mean one thing – fall is officially here! The hot summer days have come and gone and now, as Canadians, we need to get ready to spend the next few months keeping warm indoors.  It’s also time to start cleaning up your home in preparation for fall and winter.

Delta Air Systems has compiled a checklist of a few things that are important to prepare your home for fall.


Not the most fun job, but definitely important. Leaves and other debris build up and clog your gutters, preventing drainage. This can lead to water seeping in to and damaging your home, or the drainpipes rusting and rotting.


If you’ve been noticing smaller cracks appearing throughout the summer, take advantage of sealing them in the fall season. They can become much larger from water freezing and expanding in the winter, leading to costly damage.




This is critical for your utility bill in the fall and wintertime. Warm air can escape out of any cracks in windows or doors, making your HVAC system work harder, be less efficient and cost you much more. Use caulking and seal those cracks immediately before they get worse.




Heating the house might not be on the top of your list right now, but just before the cold weather sneaks up on you, be sure to have your furnace professionally checked and maintained. Your trusted Delta Air System professionals are highly trained in complete HVAC system care and can clean in areas you wouldn’t think to look out for.

A professional will also be able to assess your furnace and other units for any repairs that need to be made to avoid future breakdowns, and will provide you with tips on how to keep up the maintenance of your unit between professional appointments.

Having a pro check and clean your HVAC units will increase the lifespan of your system and help save you money on repairs that are caught sooner rather than later!

Delta Air Systems believes in building long-lasting, happy relationships with our customers. We hold the highest standards for our work and are committed to providing trustworthy, dependable, quality service for all of your home comfort needs.


Don’t let the cold season catch you off guard; prepare your home for fall in advance!
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