November Marked National Lung Month – How Healthy is Your Home?


Canada observes National Lung Month every November, in an effort to remind Canadians how important it is to take care of their lungs. As home comfort specialists, we at Delta Air Systems believe in educating our customers on the importance of maintaining good indoor air quality for your lungs and overall health and providing you with the proper equipment (Furnaces, Air Conditioners) to do so.

National Lung Month is an observance organized by The Lung Association of Canada to teach the public about chronic lung disease and what Canadians can do to protect their lungs and breathe with ease.1

Poor indoor air quality can lead to adverse health effects such as asthma or severe allergies. Improving your home’s indoor air quality isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Consider the following after National Lung Month:

  • Use “green” household cleaners or make your own using natural products. Avoid any products with harmful chemicals that can cause harm to your lungs.
  • Clean dust from floors and surfaces regularly and don’t forget to vacuum rugs and upholstery to prevent the arrival of dust mites.
  • Mould has a way of sneaking up in homes. Have a professional inspect all areas and invest in a meter that detects the moisture levels in your home to prevent further mould from making its way into your home.
  • Indoor air quality systems that work with your HVAC can make a world of difference in improving the air within your home.
    • Filters: replacing used air filters can make a huge difference in how much dust, hair and other pollutants are removed from the air before it enters your home.
    • HRV: a Heat Recovery Ventilation system provides your home with high indoor air quality without the additional energy costs most systems bring to the table.
    • Humidifier: individual units or a whole-home unit will ensure that the correct amount of moisture is provided for your home to keep you and your family breathing easy.

Delta Air Systems is happy to help you find the best ways to improve the indoor air quality within your home while meeting your needs and budget. Contact us to speak with a professional for more information about the products we carry.

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