Keeping The House Cool During The Days Of Ac Repair

Most of the people relay on air conditioner to protect themselves from the summer heat. It cannot be worst than your air conditioner stopped working during hot summer days. You will have to call the professional for repairing your air conditioner. If there is a major problem inside your system it might take up several days to repair. So you might think about preventing yourself during the AC repair days.

Following some of these tips will help to you stay cool without air conditioner

1. Closing the drapes

Close the drapes or the curtains of your air conditioner during the summer afternoon. Drapes or curtains will not allow the sunlight to enter the house which will keep the house cooler.

2. Don’t use much appliances

Any of the appliance which runs on electricity gives out heat energy. Try to minimize the usage of ovens, computers during day time. Turn off your fan, TVs when they are not needed.

3. Open windows during evening

Once the sun starts moving down open the windows of your house. During the evening time outdoor temperature falls and the outside air will be cooler than the air in your room. Let the outside air get inside your rooms and provide you comfort.

4. Using fans

Fans will not improve the temperature inside the house but fans circulate the air which will help you feel comfortable. You must turn off the fans when they are not in use as the motors of the fan generate heat energy.

5. Being wet

If you have been outdoors during the day time you must take up a shower after reaching home.

6. Being near plants

If you have yard outside the house try to spend most of your time there. During the AC repair days prefer to stay under the shade of trees or near the plant. Staying in the shades will keep you cooler and will provide you pleasant atmosphere.

Following these tips will keep you comfortable until your AC is repaired. Calling a HVAC professional for AC service before the start of summer season will help you to avoid this problem. Professional will clean your system and repair the small problems before they cause major damage to your air conditioner.




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