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Air conditioner is made up of two components condenser and evaporator. The condenser is located outside the house which consists of the condenser unit, fan and condenser coil. While the inner unit consists of evaporator, drain lines, filter and blower motor.

If your air conditioner is not able to maintain the desired temperature then there might be some problem inside the system. Your air conditioning system requires timely repair and maintenance.

There are different types of problem that can occur in your air conditioning unit

1. Water leaking
2. Frozen unit
3. Doesn’t turn on
4. Not able to cool the rooms properly
5. Loud noises from the system

Water leaking

Air conditioner creates large amount of condensation during hot summer days. This water or condensate is stored in the air handler unit. Water moves out of the air handler unit with the help of plastic pipe and the drain tube.

If there is water leakage on the base of the air handler unit it might be because of the blockage of the drain line or the cracks or leak in the plastic tube


• To repair this problem you will have to clear your condensate drain pipe.
• Check that the unit which removes the water from the unit connected to the condensate pump. If it is not than connect it properly.
• If your condensate pump is broken it will be preferable to change the pump.
• There is chance that the drain line of your unit is clogged so clean the drain line properly with the help of vacuum.
• If the water of your unit flows directly to the sump basin make sure that sump pump is working correctly.

Frozen coils

So as the excess of water is problem for the unit, presence of ice on the unit also indicates the problem inside the unit. If there is lack of air flow inside the unit or no air flow inside the unit your air conditioning system will start freezing.


• Cleaning the duct work of your system
• Changing the air filters
• Cleaning supply plenums
• Cleaning evaporator coil
• Recharging your refrigerant

Doesn’t turn on

When your air conditioner doesn’t turn on even after receiving the signal from the thermostat then there is chance that your thermostat is faulty.


• Before taking any repairing step you must ensure that your thermostat is set to cooling mode.
• Check that temperature settings are correct and try changing the batteries of your thermostat.
• Check the electrical panels and ensure that you do not have a tripped breaker. If your breaker is tripped than reset the breaker.
• Make sure that the outdoor compressor is not been turned off.
• If the above factors do not work call a professional to look after the problem.

Not able to cool the room properly

There is a chance that your air conditioner is running but not able to reach the desired temperature.


• Check the temperature settings make sure that the thermostat is set to cooling mode.
• Change the air filters as dirty filters block the air flow inside the unit and reduce the cooling capacity of your system.
• Add the refrigerant to the system as there is a chance that your system is low on refrigerant.
• Clean the supply vents of your system.

Loud noises from the system

You may hear different types of noises coming out of the system. Some of the noises are easy to be repaired while some of them require a professional to do the work.

Problem of noise can be solved out only after ensuring form where noises are coming from.


• There might be loose component making the noise, try to tighten its nuts.
• Bubbling sound can be heard because of low refrigerant charge the refrigerant.
• Most of the times if you hear the sound you should call a professional as there could be faulty compressor, leak in the ducts and broken parts of the unit. These problems cannot be solved manually and require a expert to look after them.

Following some of the tips can prevent your unit from any damage and will help you in avoiding the repairing cost.

• Changing the filters monthly.
• Annual maintenance.
• Cleaning your duct work.
• Charing the unit with refrigerant

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