How To Reduce Repair Cost On Gas Furnace?

Like any heating or cooling device your gas furnace also requires regular maintenance and repair work to make sure that your gas furnace is working properly. Gas furnace can cost you a large amount of money if not maintained properly.

Simple tips to reduce the repairing cost on your gas furnace

1. Timely checking

Call a professional to check and do maintenance of your system. Regular checking can help to repair the problems when they are small which prevents your unit from major problem. Spending few dollars on maintaining your system will prevent you from large repair bills.

2. Checking your thermostat

Make sure that thermostat is set to heating mode and the temperature set is not to low. Try changing the batteries of your thermostat.

3. Checking the switches

Check the circuit breaker of your gas furnace it might have been tripped. On the furnace there is SSU switch which looks like light switch make sure that it is in “ON” position.

4. Cleaning your furnace

Doing the regular cleaning of your furnace, clean the blower motor, heat exchanger and other major components as they develop dust around them and can cause damage to the components. Cleaning the system allows the system to work smoothly and reduces the repairing cost.

5. Changing the air filters

The biggest reason for all the problems in your furnaces is dirty air filters. Dirty air filters block the air flow and can also damage the components of your system. Changing the air filters increases the energy efficiency and avoids the repairing cost.

6. Check the pilot light

If your furnace is not working check the pilot light of the furnace. There is a chance that you might have turned off your pilot light during cleaning process and forgotten to turn it on again.

7. Buying a new furnace

If your furnace is more than 15 years old and is causing expensive repair works every dew months it will be advisable to buy a new gas furnace it will increase the energy efficiency and also saves the repairing cost.



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