How To Reduce Repair Cost On Air Conditioner?

For your air conditioning system to cool the home properly and to deliver maximum energy efficiency it needs to be repaired from time to time. Calling a professional to do the repairing work every time can cost you large amount of money. Some of the air conditioning repair work can be done by you. This will help you to save the money.

In the hot summer days your air conditioner is forced to work harder and can cause certain components of your system to stop working which will result in high repairing cost.

Here are the some tips to reduce your air conditioning repairing cost.

1. Checking the power of your unit

Before calling professional for repairing your air conditioner makes sure that your air conditioner is getting the power from the circuit. There is chance that your air conditioner might have got unplugged accidently your circuit breaker might have tripped.

2. Check the filters

Keeping your air filters free from dirt and dust maintains proper air flow in the system. Changing the air filters regularly will avoid many problems in the system and results in less amount of repairing work.

3. Checking for ice

Check to see if there is presence of ice on the coils, pipe or the cooling unit. The presence of ice on the coil means restricted air flow. Check the outside unit of your air conditioning system it might have been covered by leaves or dirt clean the outside unit and change the air filters.

4. Programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat not only helps in increasing the energy efficiency of your system but also protects the unit from ice or water build up which reduces the chances of blocked air flow.

5. Do not do repair work by yourself

If you are not aware of the problem which is causing problem to your unit or there is a major damage to your system. Do not do the repairing work by yourself it can cause harm to you and your air conditioner which will end up costing you more.

6. Check the temperature of thermostat

Make sure that your thermostat is set to right temperature. If the temperature of your unit is high your air conditioner might not be cycling. Also check that your temperature is set to cool.

7. Keeping your conditioner cool

Hot summer temperature does effect the electrical appliances. Creating a shade for your air conditioning system will prevent the unit from the direct contact of the sun and prevent the components from damaging.

8. Maintenance

Call a professional for the yearly maintenance of your system. Regular yearly maintenance of the system prevents your components from being damaged and reduces the need for repairing.



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