Home Cooling Myths Every Homeowner Should Know the Truth About

Home Cooling Myths Every Homeowner Should Know the Truth About

Central air conditioners are complex appliances, so it’s no surprise that home cooling myths exist. Given the high heat and humidity in our region, misleading information can drive up cooling costs and reduce your comfort.

Leaving the Temperature Constant

Unless you’re home 24/7, you can save money and energy by turning the thermostat up when you’re not at home, especially if you control the temperature with a programmable thermostat. These devices remember when to change it based on your occupancy patterns. You can program it to start cooling your home just before you arrive so that your home is comfortable when you arrive.

Cooling With Fans

Ceiling and portable fans move air, which helps the moisture on your skin evaporate faster, cooling you. The fans themselves don’t cool the air. Save money and energy by turning fans off when you leave a room.

Bigger Is Better

One of the biggest home cooling myths is that a larger central cooling system will cool your home better and cut energy costs. In reality, the reverse is true. When you need a new cooling system, make sure your HVAC contractor does a thorough load calculation using Manual J software instead of basing it on the size of your existing equipment.

Air Conditioners Just Cool

Besides removing the heat from air, air conditioners reduce the humidity level. Humid air always feels warmer, and as the A/C runs, it condenses water from the air.

Closing off Rooms

Closing off seldom used rooms saves money. Unless the room is small and far from the air handler, you may end up spending more. The extra air pressure that builds in the ductwork may cause duct leakage. Leaking ducts drive up cooling costs because the cooled air is wasted in the attic or walls.

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