Furnace Repair to Keep Warm Air Coming

With winter weather in full swing, the last thing you want to encounter is cold air blowing from your furnace. There could be a number of reasons for a malfunctioning heating system, but the only way to get a definitive diagnosis and furnace repair is to call a certified technician.

A furnace is a complex machine that a licensed professional will have the proper tools and complete knowledge to correctly identify the source of your furnace breakdown.

A breakdown on a furnace could be the result of one of two types of electronic ignition systems: intermittent pilots (an electric system that creates a spark to ignite burners when needed) or a hot surface igniters (electric current passes through the igniter turning the surface hot). Often times, a failed electronic ignition system is to blame for cold air coming from the furnace.

An HVAC specialist will have to determine the cause of the malfunction before furnace repair to ensure there is no underlying cause creating an electronic ignition failure. For example, a hot surface igniter may fail because of a power surge, a crack in the ignitor itself or perhaps a faulty control board.

The important thing to remember is that a specialist will best be able to determine what the cause of the failure is and recommend the proper procedure to repair the unit.


A dirty, clogged air filter can also force your furnace to blow cold air. When air can’t pass through the filter properly, the heat exchanger can overheat. A high temperature limit switch will shut the gas valve and no more heat is being produced. shutting down your furnace’s ability to do its job! Consistent overheating can lead to damaging the heat exchanger which cannot be repaired – you’ll need to have the part replaced or even to have your entire furnace replaced.

Even a blockage of the outdoor inlet vent that supplies your furnace with air for combustion will trip a safety and prevent the unit from producing heat. And with the snow flying, it’s possible this is the problem.

Bottom line:

  • Check your filter and make sure it’s clean
  • Check your outdoor vent pipes to ensure they’re clear
  • Keep your furnace maintained by professionals
  • Don’t open your furnace door to strangers. Make sure you’re dealing with a pro!
  • Delta Air Systems would like to remind you that regular servicing and maintenance of your heating equipment is as essential as an oil change to your vehicle. Many furnaces have not been cleaned since installation and this effects the operation of the unit. 

    Avoid problems and dangers with your furnace – use an experienced and reputable HVAC company, like Delta Air Systems, to perform all of your furnace repair and maintenance.

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