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Blog Title: Why radiant floor heating is more beneficial than conventional forms of heating?
Why radiant floor heating is more beneficial than conventional forms of heating?
Category: Wall Air And Heating Systems Post By: WILLIAM W (Albuquerque, NM), 12/15/2016

In recent times radiant floor heating is considered more energy efficient than other forms of heating. Radiant floor heating is also more effective and flexible than other conventional forms of heating. The biggest benefit of radiant floor heating is even distribution of heat throughout the room. In this mode of heating, the heat moves in the upward direction. The floor is heated at first and then slowly the heat radiates to other parts of the room like the panels of the wall, and the ceiling. When a radiant floor heating is installed the heat is distributed evenly throughout the room and the temperature that is created by radiant floor heating is lower than the temperature that is created by the conventional forms of heating and this is the reason one tends to feel more comfortable when exposed to radiant floor heating. On the other hand conventional forms of heating heat the air that circulates in the room. The result is that it has to operate for a longer period of time leading to wastage of energy. It needs to be mentioned here that the efficiency of radiant floor heating can be enhanced if it is combined with a smart thermostat. However, before you think of installing a radiant floor heating you should take advice from an expert HVAC professional.

- GARY K (Cincinnati, OH), 12/16/2016
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