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Blog Title: What are the tips to save cash when using an air conditioner?
What are the tips to save cash when using an air conditioner?
Category: Propane Water Heater Post By: PAMELA A (Boston, MA), 08/12/2016

Air conditioners are great source of comfort especially during the summer months. In fact, the temperature might be such that you may have to run the air conditioner continuously throughout the day. The result is sky-high electricity bills. But there is no reason to worry because there are ways, adopting which you can save cash while you are operating air conditioners.Let us have a look at the ways through which you can generate savings as you operate air conditioners.First of all it is important that thermostat is operated properly. The thermostat of an air conditioner should be set at an ambient temperature. This way you can ensure comfort and also there will be adequate energy savings.You should always check for the levels of refrigerant in the air conditioner. When there is a low level of refrigerant in an air conditioner, it will not operate at its optimum efficiency and there might be instances of costly repairs.If you want to avoid costly repairs of your air conditioners you cannot forget the air filters. It is mandatory that the air filters are cleaned at regular intervals. This is because clogged air filters will make the air conditioners work hard which in turn might lead to costly repairs.Your home should be well-insulated so that no amount of cold air is lost to the outside air because there is no point paying for a half-cooled home.Along with filters, it is important that the condenser coils are cleaned at regular intervals. This is because a dirty condenser coil will also make the air conditioner work hard which in turn might cause costly repairs.Lastly, it is important the air conditioners are checked by professional HVAC experts at regular intervals so that smaller problems can be detected at an early stage so that the repair cost does not shoot up at a later stage.

- CAROLYN K (Atlanta, GA), 09/12/2016
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