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Blog Title: What are the differences between propane and oil furnaces?
What are the differences between propane and oil furnaces?
Category: Home Air Condition Units Post By: HEATHER P (Bakersfield, CA), 12/16/2016

When natural gas is not available in adequate amounts, homeowners resort to oil or propane as a medium of burning their furnaces and heating their home. However, there has been age old debate about the supremacy of propane over oil or vice versa. But in order to understand which is better, oil or propane you will have to carefully understand their features. Thus, let us have a look at the differences between the two: Propane is more environment friendly than oil, while oil furnaces burn hotter and heats up faster but it uses up slowly. The result of which is that the comfort level is higher in terms of temperature control. On the other hand the fuel efficiency of propane is higher than that of oil furnaces. Oil is costlier than that of propane. At the same time, the tank size required for propane is bigger than that of oil. Last but not the least; one should take advice from an HVAC professional before installing either propane or an oil furnace.

- MILDRED S (Newark, NJ), 12/19/2016
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