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Blog Title: What are the common causes of furnace failure?
What are the common causes of furnace failure?
Category: Central Air Conditioning Units Post By: PAMELA A (Long Beach, CA), 08/12/2016

Furnace is an essential appliance that helps you beat the cold during the winter season. But there might be situations when your furnace can stop working. However, if you are aware of the common causes of furnace failure then you can take preventive measures so that you might not have to face a situation where the furnace stops functioning.Let us have a look at some of the causes of furnace failure.House leaks can be one of the prominent causes of furnace failure. When there are leaks present chances are high that the hot air escapes to the outside air and the result is you will not be able to experience a comfortable temperature within the home.Dirty filters can be another potential cause of furnace failures in a home. It is true that the main objective of a filter is to keep away dirt and dust from entering the house but one must keep in mind that a clogged filter might cause the furnace to stop working. Hence, it is important that furnace filters are checked regularly and cleaned as per requirement.Pilot problems, broken thermostat and a malfunctioning blower motor can also cause the furnace to fail.Last but not the least; proper maintenance is imperative so that the furnace functions without a glitch.

- CAROLYN K (Raleigh, NC), 09/12/2016
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