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Blog Title: What are the benefits of air source heat pumps?
What are the benefits of air source heat pumps?
Category: Hvac Compressor Post By: KENNETH C (Greensboro, NC), 12/15/2016

An air source heat pump is known to extract heat from the outside air to heat your homes. There are many benefits of using an air source heat pump. The biggest advantage of getting an air source heat pump is that you are able to heat your home during the winter and at the same time you can cool your home during the summer season. The other advantages of using heat pumps are the following: First of all, these heat pumps are energy efficient which means the ratio of energy consumed and heat generated is 1:3 These heat pumps are also known to be energy effective as they help you bring down your utility bills. Air source heat pumps along with heating your home also heats the water that you use in your home on a daily basis. The installation and maintenance of heat pumps is far easier when compared to other HVAC units. Last but not the least, air source heat pumps have low carbon emissions. However, that to a large extent depends on the kind of fuel that is used for its operation.

- TERRY P (Henderson, NV), 12/16/2016
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