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Blog Title: How much does a solar electric power system cost?
How much does a solar electric power system cost?
Category: Portable Air Cooler Fan Post By: Loyd Joans (Portland, OR), 11/12/2016

On an average, buying and installing a 2 KW to 5 KW solar electric system will cost $29,000 approximately. This includes all the components that are typically needed in a powerful solar power system, such as solar panels, panel mounts, and inverter. It also includes the cost of installation. However, you should know that the cost of solar panels and installation charges are falling. On the other hand, the utility companies are constantly increasing the electric rates. Buying and installing solar power system will fetch you some tax breaks. You are also entitled to receive credits through net metering solar power.

- P. Benson (Chicago, IL), 11/15/2016
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