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Blog Title: Do solar panels requie lots of mantaience?
Do solar panels requie lots of mantaience?
Category: Solar Air Conditioning Service Post By: John Melon (Jersey City, NJ), 11/23/2016

Solar panels do not need much maintenance. You do not have to dust or wipe them regularl. Ocassionally clean them with soap and water. However, position them so that they are not guarded by shades. If you have too much leaves, debris or snow falling on them, you will need to clear them off these from time to time. There could be two main dangers to solar panels: Solar flares: These are strong radiation that can damage the mechanism inside the panel. Micrometeorites: These are pebble-size rocks floating in the space. These on reaching the panels can scratch and crack it.

- Henry Peters (Tampa, FL), 11/27/2016
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